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Table 4 Pattern of LGE in study groups

From: Delayed myocardial enhancement in children with different types of cardiomyopathy: a diagnostic and prognostic tool

Sub-types of cardiomyopathies Pattern of enhancement
Sub-endocardial Mid-wall Sub-epicardial Transmural
Primary dilated 1   
Secondary dilated post myocarditis 2* 2* 4
Secondary dilated toxins, drugs**
Hypertrophic 4   
ARVD 1***
Infiltrative thalassemia
Infiltrative others 1
Ischemic 2
  1. *There is overlapping in the total number as two cases show both the mid-wall and epicardial enhancement
  2. **No LGE; however, there is increase first pass perfusion
  3. ***The enhancement involving RVOT