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Table 2 Miller-Payne grading system

From: Quantitative mathematical objective evaluation of contrast-enhanced spectral mammogram in the assessment of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and prediction of residual disease in breast cancer

Grade Histopathology findings
Grade 1 No change or some alteration to individual malignant cells, but no reduction in overall cellularity
Grade 2 Minor loss of tumor cells, but overall cellularity still high; up to 30%
Grade 3 Between an estimated 30–90% reduction in tumor cells
Grade 4 Marked disappearance of tumor cells such that only small clusters or widely dispersed individual cells remain; more than 90% loss of tumor cells
Grade 5 No malignant cells identifiable in sections from the site of the tumor; only vascular fibro-elastic stroma remains often containing macrophages. However, DCIS may be present