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Table 3 The number of labral tears at different quadrants and the number of patients having chondral abnormalities as detected by MR arthrography and arthroscopy in FAI patients

From: Magnetic Resonance Arthrography, a valuable pre-operative imaging modality in femoro-acetabular impingement

 MR arthrographyArthroscope
Labral tears
 Antero-superior30 (73.2%)30 (71.4%)
 Postero-superior5 (12.2%)6 (14.2%)
 Antero-inferior4 (9.7%)4 (9.5%)
 Postero-inferior2 (4.9%)2 (4.7%)
 Total number of labral tears4142
 Total number of patients having labral tears2324
Cartilage abnormalities
 Number of patients1318