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Table 4 Diffusion in correlation with ultrasound in hypertensive cases

From: Role of diffusion MR imaging (DWI) and three-dimensional ultrasound (3DUS) in the assessment of placental insufficiency in the gestational hypertension

Negative casesPositive cases
% within US findings75.7%0.0%70.0%
% within US findings24.3%100.0%30.0%
% within US findings100.0%100.0%100.0%
Chi-square test
 ValuedfAsymp. Sig. (two-sided)Exact Sig. (two-sided)Exact Sig. (one-sided)
Pearson chi-square7.568b10.006  
Continuity correctiona4.39310.036  
Likelihood ratio7.81510.005  
Fisher’s exact test   0.0220.022
Linear-by-linear association7.73810.007  
N of valid cases40    
Symmetric measures
 ValueAsymp. Std. erroraApprox. TbApprox. Sig.
Measure of agreement kappa0.3180.1462.7510.006
N of valid cases40