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Table 2 Pelvic floor muscles abnormalities in case group

From: MRI comparative study of levator ani muscle changes in nulliparous and multiparous females

Ilio-coccygeus defect
 No tear2388.5
 Rt partial tear13.9
 Lt partial tear13.9
 Rt full tear00.00
 Lt full tear13.9
Puborectalis defect:
 No tear1453.8
 Rt insertion detachment27.7
 Lt insertion detachment00.0
 Bilateral insertion detachment00.0
 Rt partial tear311.5
 Bilateral partial tear27.7
 Rt full tear13.8
 Lt full tear13.8
 Bilateral full tear13.8
 Distorted midpoint13.8
 Rt partial and distorted midpoint13.8