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Table 1 The final diagnosis of the examined ovarian lesions with their corresponding GI-RADS scoring

From: The diagnostic efficacy of Gynecology Imaging Reporting and Data System (GI-RADS): single-center prospective cross-sectional study

Final diagnosisNo. of massesGI-RADS 1GI-RADS 2GI-RADS 3GI-RADS 4GI-RADS 5
Normal ovaries41410000
Hemorrhagic cyst*10010000
Functional cyst*909000
Corpus luteal cyst*606000
Hyperstimulation syndrome*101000
Simple cyst *21002100
Mature teratoma400400
Serous cystadenoma400310
Mucinous cystadenoma300120
Ovarian torsion100100
Metastatic carcinoma24000420
Serous cyst adenocarcinoma14000410
Papillary cyst-adenodencarcinoma300003
Mucinous adenocarcinoma600024
Malignant teratoma100100
Pseudomyxoma pertionii100010
Adult granuolsa cell tumor100001
Endometriod carcinoma100001
Yolk sac tumor100001
  1. *Spontaneous resolution at follow-up