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Table 3 Cut-off value, sensitivity, specificity, +PV, −PV, accuracy, and AUC of ADC values, rCBV ratios, and spectroscopic data for high- and low-grade gliomas

From: The combined role of MR spectroscopy and perfusion imaging in preoperative differentiation between high- and low-grade gliomas

 Cut-off valueSensitivity %Specificity %+PV %−PV %Accuracy %AUC %
rCBVtMore than1.796.8795.2496.995.29698.5
rCBVpMore than187.51001008487.590.5
Cho/NAAmassMore than1.810076.286.510076.287.2
Cho/Cr mass1.896.976.286.194.17386.5