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Table 6 The statically significant difference of RI between the three studied groups

From: Role of ultrasound, Color duplex Doppler and sono-elastography in the evaluation of renal allograft complications

 AUC (95%CI)PCutoff pointSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Accuracy (%)
In differentiating ATI Cases and normal
RI0.97 (0.93–1.02)< 0.001*≥ 0.7384.692.388.5
In differentiating CAI Cases and normal
RI0.709 (0.51–0.91)0.06≥ 0.63571.461.566.7
In differentiating CAI and ATI cases
RI0.94 (0.86–1.02)< 0.001*≤ 0.7378.684.681.5