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Table 5 Patterns of tumor recurrence/residual, lymph nodes (nodal), and distant metastasis (mets.) in the study by PET/CT with their number (No.) and percentage (%)

From: Role of fused PET/CT compared to the standard contrast-enhanced CT in the follow-up assessment of the treated gastric malignancy

PatternsNo. of patients% of patients
(I) Gastric residual/recurrence30 patients44%
 (a) Gastric recurrence/residual10 patients14.7%
 (b) Gastric recurrence/residual with nodal mets.6 patients8.8%
 (c) Gastric recurrence/residual with distant mets.4 patients5.8%
 (d) Gastric recurrence/residual with nodal and distant mets.10 patients14.7%
(II) Lymph nodes18 patients26.5%
 (a) Abdominal18 patients26.5%
 (b) Mediastinal4 patients5.8%
 (c) Cervical4 patients5.8%
(III) Distant metastasis18 patients26.5%
 (a) Liver12 patients17.6%
 (b) Bone2 patient2.9%
 (c) Lung4 patients5.8%
 (d) BrainNone0%
 (e) Peritoneum6 patients8.8%