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Table 1 Extra-spinal abnormalities detected on coronal STIR images

From: Coronal STIR sequence, a simple adjustment to routine MRI protocol for extra-spinal sciatica and sciatica-like symptoms

Extra-spinal abnormalityNo. of patients
Bony abnormalities16 (36.4%)
Bilateral sacroiliitis4
Stress fracture of proximal femur2
Stress fracture of sacral ala2
Iliac wing metastasis2
Transient osteoporosis of the hip1
Occult pelvic fracture1
Occult intertrochanteric fracture1
Simple bone cyst3
Soft tissue abnormalities2 (4.5%)
Gluteal muscular tendinopathy1
Gluteal granulomas of IM injection1
Tarlov cysts1 (2.3%)
Gynecological abnormalities22 (50%)
Ovarian cysts20
Uterine fibroids2
Miscellaneous3 (6.8%)
Ectopic pelvic kidney1
Enlarged prostate2