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Table 1 The features of DF lesions on conventional MR images

From: Radiological evaluation of deep soft tissue fibromatosis, the characteristic MR criteria on conventional and corresponding diffusion-weighted images

 Number of lesions (percentage)
Site and origin
 Anterior abdominal wall3
  Chest wall1
  Shoulder girdle and upper arm9
  Forearm and wrist3
  Pelvis and thigh21
  Popliteal fossa and calf2
 Fascia6 (15%)
 Muscle34 (85%)
 Ill defined18 (45%)
 Partially defined14 (35%)
 Well defined8 (20%)
Size (ranged from 0.8 to 60 cm in maximum diameter, the mean tumor size 10.7 cm)
Signal (Table 2)
Low signal bands38 (95%)
Fascial tail sign33 (82.5%)
Extra-compartmental extension24 (60%)
Bone invasion7 (17.5%)
Neurovascular compromise19 (47.5%)