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Table 6 Demonstrating the prevalence of 11 diseases entities found among the patients in the study sample. This table showed the largest percentage of the patients suffered from the chondromalacia patella

From: Role of magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of the anterior knee pain

 Disease not existingDisease existing
Chondromalacia patella4057%3043%
Hoffa’s disease6086%1014%
Patellar instability5781%1319%
Transient patellar dislocation6593%57%
Quadriceps tendinopathy6897%23%
Quadriceps tendon tear6796%34%
Patellar tendinopathy6796%34%
Osgood–Schlatter disease6796%34%
Cartilage injury6694%46%
Bipartite patella6999%11%
Anterior meniscal tear6187%913%
Sum  83