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Table 4 Demonstrating the presence of the vulvoperineal varicosities, side of affection, thigh extension and the number and percent of the affected cases as well as the round ligament (inguinal) varicosities

From: Role of trans-abdominal and trans-perineal venous duplex ultrasound in cases of pelvic congestion syndrome

Vulvoperineal varicositiesNumber%
Right side18 patients36
 Thigh extension13 patients26
 No thigh extension5 patients10
Left side15 patients30
 Thigh extension11 patients22
 No thigh extension4 patients8
 Thigh extension13 patients26
 No thigh extension4 patients8
Round ligament (inguinal) varicosities3 patients6
 Right side1 patient2
 Bilateral2 patients4