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Table 2 Clinical tumor staging of group A by conventional CT scan and PET/CT scan at initial staging. Data in numbers (N) and percentages (%)

From: Delayed post-diuretic 18F-FDG PET/CT: can it help in determination of the best clinical decision for muscle invasive UB cancer patients?

Variable N%
Tumor stage by conventional CT scanStage II422.2
Stage IIIa1477.8
Tumor stage by PET CT scanStage II422.2
Stage IIIa738.9
Stage IIIb527.8
Stage IVa15.6
Stage IVb15.6
Change of tumor stage based on PET CT scanUnchanged1161.1
Change in plan based on PET CT scanUnchanged1161.1
Changed from radical to systemic treatment for downstaging527.8
Changed from radical to palliative treatment211.1