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Table 1 Showing the MRI findings in the 48 patients and the final diagnosis as confirmed by surgery/histopathology

From: Role of magnetic resonance imaging in pregnancy-associated obstetric and gynecological complications

MRI findingsNo. of lesionsFinal diagnosisMRI and final diagnosis correlation
Ectopic pregnancy6  
 Interstitial pregnancy3Interstitial pregnancyPositive
 Scar pregnancy1Scar pregnancyPositive
 1 fetus in right cornu and other in rudimentary left horn1Left tubal pregnancy, this fetus died later in the pregnancyNegative
 Left angular pregnancy1Left angular pregnancyPositive
Suspected placenta accreta32  
 Placenta accreta-positive15Placenta accreta-positivePositive
 Placenta accreta-positive8Placenta accreta-negativeNegative
 Placenta accreta-negative9Placenta accreta-negativePositive
Abruptio placenta3  
 Partial abruption2Partial abruptionPositive
 Preplacental abruption1Preplacental abruptionPositive
Uterine pathologies3  
 Red degeneration of uterine fibroid2Red degeneration of uterine fibroidPositive
 Uterine dehiscence1Uterine dehiscencePositive
Ovarian pathologies3  
 Ovarian torsion1Ovarian torsionPositive
 Ovarian cyst torsion1Ovarian cyst torsionPositive
 Ovarian mass torsion1Immature teratoma torsionPositive
Miscellaneous pathologies2  
 Hydropic degeneration1Hydropic degenerationPositive
 Invasive mole1Invasive molePositive