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Table 2 DCE-MRI features of TNBC compared to other subtypes of breast cancer (non-TNBC)

From: The value of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in differentiating triple-negative breast cancer from other subtypes

DCE-MRI parametersTNBC (%)Non-TNBC (%)P value
FGT  0.104
 A/almost entirely fatty120 
 B/scattered FGT5644 
 C/heterogenous FGT3248 
 D/extreme FGT08 
BPE  0.264
Type of lesion enhanced  0.866
Mass associated with NME  0.185
Mass/shape  0.008
 Non-circumscribed (irregular or spiculated)
Mass/internal enhancement  0.001
 Rim enhancement46.27.4 
NME/distribution  0.833
NME/internal enhancement  0.450
T2 signal intensity  < 0.001
T2 STIR signal intensity  < 0.001
Axillary lymph nodes  0.563
 Non-specific/not pathological28.032 
K. curve  0.673
 Type I: persistent16.716.2 
 Type II: plateau38.929.7 
 Type III: washout44.454.1