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Table 2 Conventional MRI findings of the all studied lesions

From: The diagnostic value of MR spectroscopy versus DWI-MRI in therapeutic planning of suspicious multi-centric cerebral lesions

NoTexture (uniform/heterogen.)Edema degreeMass effectEnhancing patternMRI diagnosisFinal diagnosis
379/28II-III+++ve15 ring, 19 nodular29 Metast. 5 HGGMetast.
1616 heterogen.II-III+++ve16 heterogen.11 HGG, 5 metastaticGBM
106/4I-II++ve6 non/2 ring, 2 nodular9 MS, 1 neoplasmMS
77 heterogen.I-II++ve5 hetrogen. 2 nodular6 Post-irrad, 1 RecurPost-rad.
65/1I+ve4 ring, 2 non4 Lymph. 2 metastLymph.
77I-II++ve6 non, 1 hetrog.5 infarcts 2 ?neoplasmInfarcts
66 heterogen.II-III+++ve2 ring/5 heterogen.Neoplastic?hgg/?metasA.astrocyt
4Non-homogonousI-II++ve2 ring/nodul.2 abscess, 2 neoplasticAbscess
3Non-homogonousI+ve3 ring3 T.B.T.B.
2Non-homogonousI-II++ve2 patchy2 Enceph.Encephal.
2Non-homogonousI-II++ve2 patchy?Inflamm ?neoplasticVacultitis