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Table 1 GI-RADS classification system for adnexal masses [11]

From: Diagnostic performance of GI-RADS reporting system in evaluation of adnexal masses

GIRADS gradeDiagnosisEst. prob. malignancyDetails
1Definitive benign0%Normal ovaries identified, and no adnexal mass seen
2Very probably benign< 1%Adnexal lesions thought to be of functional origin, e.g. follicles, corpora lutea, hemorrhagic cysts
3Probably benign1–4%Neoplastic adnexal lesions thought to be benign, such as endometrioma, teratoma, simple cyst, hydrosalpinx, paraovarian cyst, peritoneal pseudocyst, pedunculated myoma, or findings suggestive of pelvic inflammatory disease
4Probably malignant5–20%Any adnexal lesion not included in GI-RADS 1–3 and with one or two findings suggestive of malignancy*
5Very probably malignant> 20%Adnexal masses with three or more findings suggestive of malignancy*
  1. The asterisk denotes findings suggestive of malignancy included thick papillary projections, thick septa, solid areas with/without ascites and vascularization within solid areas