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Table 8 Multiple comparisons between mean ADC value of different tumor grades

From: Accuracy of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging in evaluation of muscle invasion and histologic grading of the urinary bladder carcinoma

(I) Tumor grading(J) Tumor gradingMean difference (I-J)Std. errorP value95% confidence interval
Lower boundUpper bound
Grade 1Grade 20.000428*0.000072< 0.001*0.0002530.000602
Grade 30.000724*0.000063< 0.001*0.0005720.000876
Grade 2Grade 30.000296*0.000059< 0.001*0.0001520.000441
Grade 3Grade 2− 0.000296*0.000059< 0.001*− 0.000441− 0.000152
  1. *The mean difference is significant at P value < 0.001
  2. Data presented as mean and standard error