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Table 3 Perfusion parameters of colorectal cancer at the tumor edge and at the tumor center using 30 mm2 ROI

From: The reliability of the computed tomography perfusion parameters as a predictor of colorectal cancer grade: influence of tumor region of interest position

 30 mm2 ROI at tumor edge30 mm2 ROI at tumor centerP value
Blood flow (ml/100 g/min)88.53 ± 22.4578.79 ± 28.98< 0.001
Blood volume (ml/100 g)6.70 ± 3.796.45 ± 3.440.14
Permeability-surface area (ml/100 g/min)10.72 ± 6.8211.34 ± 5.730.17
  1. Data were expressed in the form of a mean (SD). P value was significant if < 0.05