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Table 4 Median stiffness value of benign and malignant lesions, the liver parenchyma and median lesion/parenchymal stiffness ratio

From: Role of shear wave sono-elastography (SWE) in characterization of hepatic focal lesions

VariablesMalignant hepatic focal lesions
N = 52
Benign hepatic focal lesions
N = 23
ZP value
Focal lesion
 Median (min-max)20.22 (14.04–37.51)10.68 (0.0–27.76)< 0.001*
 Median (min-max)7.86 (4.48–18.20)5.97 (4.38–7.08)0.002*
Lesion/parenchymal ratio
 Median (min-max)2.69 (0.83–5.50)1.97 (0.0–4.82)0.288