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Table 2 Comparison of CEM and DCE-MRI breast diagnostic indices

From: Can contrast-enhanced mammography replace dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in the assessment of sonomammographic indeterminate breast lesions?

 CEMDCE-MRIp value
Value95% CIValue95% CI
Sensitivity94.17%88.35 to 97.62100.00%96.97 to 100.000.014
Specificity64.71%50.07 to 77.5768.63%54.11 to 80.890.674
PPV86.26%81.20 to 90.1388.24%83.33 to 91.840.628
NPV82.50%69.08 to 90.87100.00% 0.013
Accuracy85.38%79.18 to 90.3190.64%85.25 to 94.560.134