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Table 4 Types, frequency, and percentage of the breast lesion in the examined young female

From: Breast lesions in women under 25 years: radiologic-pathologic correlation

Breast lesions classificationFrequencyPercentage
Cystic lesionsFibrocystic change5426.6%
Abscess and mastitis199.35%
Mammary duct ectasia52.46%
Total cystic lesion8541.9%
Benign massesFibroadenoma10451.2%
Intraductal papilloma41.97%
Intramammary lymph node41.97%
Lactating adenoma20.98%
 Fibroadenomatoid hyperplasia20.98%
Total benign masses11556.7%
Malignant massesCarcinoma IDC31.47%
Total malignant masses31.47%