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Table 1 MR imaging parameters

From: Value of susceptibility-weighted MR imaging (SWI) in the detection of developmental venous anomaly

 TR (ms)TE (ms)Section thickness (mm)Intersection gap (mm)FOV (cm)MatrixImaging time
T15501530.318256 × 2563 min 23 s
T2300012030.318256 × 2562 min 51 s
FLAIR8000013830.336288 × 2883 min 15 s
SWI6400302.40.228224 × 2243 min 35 s
Contrast T15501530.318256 × 2563 min 23 s
  1. T1WI T1-weighted image, T2WI T2-weighted image, FLAIR fluid-attenuated inversion recovery, SWI susceptibility-weighted image, TR repetition time, TE echo time, FOV field of view