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Table 2 Detection of extra-cardiac major vessels anomalies in group II by MDCTA and TTE

From: Intermodality agreement between TTE and low kVp ECG-gated MDCTA in diagnosis of complex CHD in pediatrics

Group II casesNumber of cases diagnosed by MDCTANumber of cases diagnosed by TTE
Group II A
(Aortic anomalies)
17 Cases
Coarctation of the aorta53
Right-sided aortic arch76
Right aortic arch with aberrant left subclavian artery21
Anomalous LAD from right coronary sinus11
Anomalous RCA from LAD proximal segment10
Single coronary artery11
Group IIB
(Pulmonary artery anomalies)
12 cases
Pulmonary hypoplasia10
Pulmonary atresia52
Pulmonary stenosis63
Group II C
(aorto-pulmonary connections)
17 cases
Group II D
(venous anomalies)
13 cases
Persistent left SVC60
Interrupted IVC11
Total59 (100%)32