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Table 1 Lab data of the patients being studied

From: Rapidly progressive COVID-19 viral pneumonia: a report of two patients with a focus on imaging findings

 Patient 1 tests on February 23rPatient 1 tests on February 27Patient 2 tests on march 26Patient 2 tests on march 29
RBC (106 /mm3)4.853.425.364.43
Hb (gr/dl)14.710.414.513.3
Platelets (1000/mm3)174181129487
WBC (lymph) (1000/mm3)7.2 (3.6)5.3 (0.5)8.6 (2.27)10.9 (2.61)
Urea (mg/dl)50952523
Creatinine (mg/dl)1.61.850.770.7
AST (IU/L)1241744245
ALT (IU/L)971073230
LDH (IU/L)819864734416
CPK (IU/L)N/A8757367
CRP (Quantitative)Positive 2Positive 4Positive 3Positive 2
ESR (mm per hour)N/A12110487