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Table 4 Tumor recurrence/residual detected by 68Ga-labelled PSMA-ligand PET/CT in reference to the clinical and/or PSA level and/or radiological follow-up and/or the histopathological assessment for the patients, with the number (No.), percent (%) of the patients

From: The diagnostic value of PET/CT imaging with the 68Ga-labeled PSMA-ligand in the follow up assessment of prostate cancer after therapy

Tumoural residual/recurrence by PET/CT Positive by the reference methods (n = 29) Negative by the reference methods (n = 1)
Positive (n = 28) 28 patients (TP) 96.5% 0 patient (FP) 0%
Negative (n = 2) 1 patient (FN) 3.5% 1 patient (TN) 100%
  1. TN true negative, TP true positive, FN false negative, FP false positive