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Table 5 The 1st visit US findings and the distribution of the varicosities

From: Ultrasound-guided percutaneous injection of foam sclerotherapy in management of lower limb varicose veins (pilot study)

    No. of total (51) Treatment Percentage
US finding in the 1st visit. Category Without SFJ reflux Superficial varicose veins (> 5 mm diameter) with no perforator at thigh lateral plexus 6 USGFS 11.7
GSV varicosities refluxing thigh segment with superficial skin varicosities and no perforator reflux 1 Phlebograph 1.9
GSV (great saphenous) varicosities with refluxing perforators 16 USGFS 31.4
SSV (short saphenous vein) varicosities; 2 limbs refluxing thigh extension of SSV and 1 limb with 2 below knee perforators 3 USGFS 5.9
Refluxing PASV (posterior accessory saphenous vein) varicosities with perforators at 4 below knee level 2 USGFS 3.9
Refluxing AASV (anterior accessory saphenous vein) varicosities with 3 perforators at below knee levels 2 USGFS 3.9
With SFJ reflux Grade 1 (incompetence found only during Valsalva maneuver on standing position)
with perforators
5 Phlebograph 9.8
Grade 2 (incompetence found during Valsalva maneuver on standing and supine positions) with refluxing perforators 4 Phlebograph 7.8
Grade 3 (incompetence found spontaneously on standing position) with refluxing perforators and lateral plexus thigh varicosities 12 8 of them laser
4 of them phlebograph