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Table 4 Sensitivity (Sen), specificity (Spec), accuracy, PPV, and NPV of PET/CT in detection of recurrent disease in G2, n = 11 melanoma patients

From: PET/CT in restaging, prognosis, and recurrence in patients with malignant melanoma

  Malignant melanoma Chi-square
TP TN FP FN Total χ2 FEP value
PET/CT n 8 2 1 0 11 6.273* 0.043*
% 72.72 18.18 9.09 0 100
ROC PET/CT Sens Spec PPV NPV Accuracy  
100 66.66 88.88 100 90.90
  1. TP true +ve, FN false −ve, TN true −ve, FP false +ve, PPV positive predictive value, NPV negative predictive value, χ2 chi-square test, FE Fisher Exact, P P value for comparing between the two studied groups
  2. *Significant