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Table 1 Used non-contrast CT protocols

From: Value of using adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction-V (ASIR-V) technology in pediatric head CT dose reduction

Scanner Revolution EVO Gen 3
Technique Helical
KV 120
mA 148 (standard dose)
40, 60, 80, 100 (reduced dose)
CTDI vol (mGy) 35.61 (standard practice)
Gantry rotation time (s) 0.6
Pitch 0.531:1
Collimation (mm) 20
Field of view 25 cm
Matrix 512 × 512
Slice thickness (mm) 2.5
Reconstruction options First group: FBP
Second group: ASIR-V 60% and 80%
  1. KV kilovolt, mA milliampere, CTDI vol CT dose index volume, FBP filtered back projection, ASIR-V adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction