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Table 1 True-positive cases characteristics, pathology of index tumors and additional primary malignancies, diagnostic procedures, outcomes, synchronization, and presenting symptoms if any

From: Detection of additional primary malignant tumor in cancer survivors: the use of PET/CT for image-guided biopsy

No Age Sex 1 site Path Diagnosis Outcome Interval 2 Path Diagnosis Outcome Chronus Symptoms
1 56 M Renal RCC
papillary type
FNAC Nephrectomy 1 year Parotid Papillary Cytadenoma
FNAC Superficial
7 years Lung Necrotizing round cell neoplasm CT core biopsy   Metachronous Cough
2 43 M Lymphoma NHL(LBC) LN. excision Chemotherapy 3 years Colon CRC
lung mets
Endoscopy Chemoexcision Metachronous
3 52 F Gastric Carcinoma endoscopic Surgery 0 Spleen Lymphoma Surgery Chemotherapy synchro
4 38 F Ovarian Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma excision Oophrectomy/chemotherapy 3 years colon Adenocarcinoma/liver mets Endoscopy/FNAC Colostomy/chemotherapy Metachronous
5 45 M Esophagus Carcinoma endoscopy Radiotherapy 4 years Lung NSCLC/bone mets FNAC Chemo Metachronous
6 53 M Renal Papillary FNAC Nephrectomy 0 Liver HCC(moderate DD) FNAC Chemo
Synchronus Epigastric pain
7 53 M Lymphoma NHL FNAC Chemotherapy 4 years Ano-rectal Anaplastic adenocarcinoma Core biopsy
pre-coccygeal mass
Chemotherapy/death Metachronous Skin lesion
8 64 F Breast Invasive ductal
FNAC Mastectomy/radiotherapy 3 years Thyroid Follicular neoplasm with Hurthle cell changes (toxic Goiter FNAC Anti-thyroid medical TTT Metachronous
3 years + 2months Colon/liver mets Adeno
Endoscopy Chemo/surgery Synchronus
9 61 M Colon Adenocarcinoma Endoscopy Colostomy/chemotherapy 1 year Lung SCC FNAC chemotherapy Metachronous
10 58 M Lung NSCLC CT-core
Pneumonectomy 2 years Thyroid FNAC Papillary carcinoma Surgery/radiotherapy Metachronous Neck swelling
11 35 F Ovarian Adenocarcinoma Excision Oophrectomy 6 years Breast Ductal adenocarcinoma FNAC Chemotherapy/mastectomy Metachronous Breast mass
12 57 M Tongue SCC Excision Chemo-radio-surgery 3 years Larynx Scc Endoscopy Chemo-radio- surgery Metachronous Change of voice
13 53 M Liver Undifferentiated round cell malignant tumor FNAC Resection 5 years Colon Adenocarcinoma Endoscopy Colostomy/chemotherapy Metachronous
14 60 M Lung NSCLC CT-Core biopsy Chemo-radiotherapy 2 years Esophogeal SCC Percutaneousbiopsy Chemoradiotherapy Metachronous Dysphagia
15 56 M Lung NSCLC CT-core biopsy Lobectomy-chemotherapy 5 years Gastric Carcinoma endoscopy Surgery Metachronous
16 58 M Liver HCC-Adenocarcinoma
poorly DD
FNAC TACE 1 years Prostate Adenocarcinoma Trans-urethralbiopsy Excision Metachronous
17 57 M Larynx SCC Endoscopy Chemo-radiotherapy 2 years Lung NSCLC
Adenocarcinoma (lipidic-predominance)
EUS-biopsy FU/size/lobectomy
False -ve
18 54 M Colon Adenocarcinoma Surgery Surgery-chemotherapy 1 years Liver HCC-adenocarcinoma FNAC RFA Metachronous
19 62 F Breast Invasive ductal Excision
Surgery 2 yeas Rectal Adenocarcinoma Rectal biopsy Chemo-radiotherapy Metachronous
20 65 M Nasopharyngeal SCC Endoscopy Radiotherapy 4 years Lung Atypical carcinoid EBUS-biopsy Chemo-radiotherapy Metachronous
21 55 F Uterus Endometrial
D&C biopsy Hystrectomy 5 years Breast Ductal adenocarcinoma FNAC Mastectomy/chemo-radio Metachronous