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Table 1 Demographic, clinical, and laboratory features of the rheumatoid arthritis patients

From: Value of musculoskeletal ultrasound in assessment of rheumatoid hand function

Parameter Mean ± SD, median (IQR) or n (%)
Demographic data
 Age (years) 40.2 ± 11.7
 Disease duration 6.5 (8.5)
Assessment of hand function
 Grip strength(mmHg) 183.42 ± 48.17
 GAT (seconds) 33.5 (55.5)
Laboratory data
 ESR (mm/h) 4–74
 CRP (mg/dl) 13.5 (8.75–21)
 Anti-CCP (units) 100 (78–167.7)
 RF (quantitative) (units) 86 (52–121)
Ultrasonographic findings
 Ulnar 4 MCPJs synovitis 28 (46.7)
 Ulnar 4 PIPJs synovitis 20 (33.3)
 Wrist joint synovitis 24 (40%)
 Ulnar 4 fingers flexors Tenosynovitis 10 (16.7%)
 Ulnar 4 fingers extensors tenosynovitis 10 (16.7%)
 APL, EPL, EPB, FPL tenosynovitis 10 (16.7%)
 FPL tenosynovitis 3 (5%)
 FCU, ECU, FCR, ECRL, and ECRB tendons tenosynovitis 14 (23.3%)
  1. SD standard deviation, IQR interquartile range, n number, mmHg millimeter mercury, GAT grip ability test, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CRP C-reactive protein, RF rheumatoid factor, CCP cyclic citrullinated peptide, MCPJs metacarpophalangeal joints, PIPJs proximal interphalangeal joints, APL abductor pollicis longus, EPL extensor pollicis longus, EPB extensor pollicis brevis, FPL flexor pollicis longus, FCU flexor carpi ulnaris, ECU extensor carpi ulnaris, FCR flexor carpi radialis, ECRL extensor carpi radialis longus, ECRB extensor carpi radialis brevis