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Table 2 Classification according to the American Society of Radiology

From: Tomographic findings in patients with COVID-19 according to evolution of the disease

Category Description
Typical findings Peripheral and bilateral ground glass opacities accompanied or not by consolidations or “crazy cobblestone” pattern; round morphology multifocal ground glass opacities with or without consolidations or “crazy cobblestone” pattern; and reverse halo sign.
Indeterminate findings Absence of typical findings along with multifocal, diffuse, perihilar, unilateral, non-peripheral ground glass opacities, lacking rounded morphology with or without associated consolidations.
Atypical findings Absence of typical and indeterminate findings plus segmental consolidations or those that affect an isolated single lobe without ground glass opacities; discrete small nodules (centrilobular or “budding tree” pattern); and pulmonary cavitation or mild increase in thickness of the septum with pleural effusion.
Unrelated findings Findings not related to COVID-19.