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Table 3 Classification according to the Radiological Society of the Netherlands

From: Tomographic findings in patients with COVID-19 according to evolution of the disease

CO-RADS Suspicion level Description
0   Findings do not correspond to any category.
1 Very low Mild or severe emphysema, nodules around fissures, lung tumors, or fibrosis.
2 Low Findings of a budding tree pattern, bronchiectasis, centrilobular nodular pattern, lobar or segmental consolidations, and lung cavitation.
3 Indeterminate Perihilar ground glass opacities, homogeneous and extensive ground glass pattern with or without preservation of some secondary lung lobes, or ground glass together with thickening of the interlobular septum with or without pleural effusion.
4 High Findings are not in contact with the visceral pleura or are located unilaterally, have a predominant peribronchiovascular distribution, or overlap with severe pre-existing lung abnormalities.
5 Very high Ground glass opacities, with or without consolidations, in regions close to the surface of the visceral pleura including fissures and present a bilateral multifocal distribution. Presence of a “crazy cobblestone” pattern, reverse halo sign, subpleural bands and thickening of the vascular network within the pulmonary anomalies.
6   Findings of a patient with positive RT-PCR.