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Table 3 The HRUS findings in the study population as correlated to the gold standard

From: Diagnostic performance of high-resolution ultrasound in pre- and postoperative evaluation of the hand tendons injuries

Findings No. of cases by HRUS No. of cases by gold standarda
Tendon injury 17 17
Postoperative tendon integrity 13 13
Partial rupture 7 7
Complete rupture 10 10
Gap between the torn tendon ends 10 10
Postoperative abnormal motion in the dynamic study 15 15
Re-rupture 4 4
Foreign body 2 2
Tendon callus 2 2
Associated nerve injury and sonographic Tinel’s sign 2 2
  1. aThe gold standard was the operative data or MRI images for those who were nonsurgical candidates or refusing surgery