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Table 1 Shows the criteria for therapeutic response evaluation using RECIST 1.1 and PERCIST 1.0

From: PET/CT implication on bronchogenic carcinoma TNM staging and follow-up using RECIST/PERCIST criteria: a comparative study with CT

Complete metabolic response (CMR)- The target lesion shows absent FDG uptake.
- The target lesion shows decreased SUV less than the liver SUV.
- The disappearance of target lesions.
- Any LN whether target or not must decrease in size to less than 10 mm (short axis).
Partial metabolic response (PMR)- ≥ 30% decrease or at least 8 SUV decrease between the most intense evaluable lesion on baseline study and the most intense lesion on follow up.
- ≥ 8 SUV decrease in the target lesion.
- No new FDG avid lesions.
- No size increase ≥ 30% regarding the target and nontarget lesions.
- ≥ 30% decrease in the sum of the diameter of the target lesions.
Stable metabolic response (SMR)- Increase or decrease in the SUV of less than 30%- No sufficient decrease in the size to be PMR or increase in the size to be PMD
Progressive metabolic disease (PMD)- The target lesion shows an increase in SUV more than 30% or more than 8 SUVs.
- Development of new lesions.
- Increase in size of target lesion by more than 30%
- ≥ 20% increase in the sum of the diameter of the target lesions (taking the smallest sum as a reference) (at least 5 mm increase).
- Newly developed lesions.