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Table 5 Comparison between two patient groups as regard variable plaque characteristics

From: High risk plaque criteria by multislice coronary CT angiography in patients with stable vs. unstable coronary artery disease: analytic cross-sectional study

 Total (n = 58)Unstable group (n = 36)Stable group (n = 22)χ2P
LAP <603255.172980.5313.649.44<0.001*a
R.I > 1.11729.31130.5635.50.2.9160.08a
R.I > 1.4822.4411.1418.20.73010.3928a
Calcium score
Min.–Max.6.0–348.022.0–348.06.0–259.0U = 318.00.272 b
Mean ± SD.76.36 ± 77.1390.58 ± 92.7665.69 ± 62.42
  1. NRS napkin ring sign, LAP low attenuation plaque, SC spotty calcification, R.I remodeling index, p p value
  2. *Statistically significant at P ≤ 0.05
  3. ax2 test
  4. bMann-Whitney test