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Table 2 ONSD mean value measured by the first and the second reader in the 3D DRIVE sequence in the control and patient group

From: MRI measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter using 3D driven equilibrium sequence as a non-invasive tool for the diagnosis of idiopathic intracranial hypertension

 Control groupPatients groupP valueSig.
No. = 17No. = 17
First readerMean ± SD (mm)4.95 ± 0.455.81 ± 0.33< 0.001HS
Range (mm)4.31–5.735.21–6.4
Second readerMean ± SD (mm)4.74 ± 0.315.90 ± 0.30< 0.001HS
Range (mm)4.3–5.265.44–6.46