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Table 1 COVID-19 imaging reporting and data system classification

From: Correlation between age, sex, and severity of Coronavirus disease-19 based on chest computed tomography severity scoring system

COVID-Rads Grade CT findings Description Level of suspicion
0 Normal CT chest No findings Low
1 Atypical findings being (inconsistent with COVID-19). Pleural effusion, cavity, lymphadenopathy, halo sign, a tree in bud sign, bronchiectasis, pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumothorax, or pericardial effusion. Low
2A Fairly typical findings. Single GGO, focal pleural thickening, consolidation without GGO, vascular enlargement, air bronchogram, bronchial wall thickening, white lung stage, or parenchymal fibrotic bands. Moderate
2B Combination of atypical findings with typical/ fairly typical findings.   Moderate
3 Typical findings Multifocal GGO, GGO with superimposed consolidation, consolidation predominant, crazy paving appearance, linear opacities, or melted sugar sign. High