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Table 13 Agreement between SMG and CESM regarding lesion classification as probably malignant or probably benign in the whole study population

From: Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography: successful initial clinical institute experience

Probably benign (BIRADS I–III) Probably malignant (BIRADS IV–VI)
Probably benign (BIRADS 1–3) 12 19 31
Probably malignant (BIRADS 4–6) 18 74 92
Total 30 93 123
Agreement statistics
Cohen’s kappa (κ) 0.19a
Scott’s bias-adjusted kappa (BAK, π) 0.19a
Bennet’s prevalence- and bias-adjusted kappa (PABAK) 0.40b
  1. Data in cross-tables are counts
  2. aSlight agreement
  3. bFair agreement