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Table 15 Agreement between SMG and CESM regarding lesion classification as probably malignant or probably benign in patients with ACR C/D

From: Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography: successful initial clinical institute experience

CESM Probably benign (BIRADS 1–3) Probably malignant (BIRADS 4–6) Total
Probably benign (BIRADS 1–3) 9 11 20
Probably malignant (BIRADS 4–6) 12 42 54
Total 21 53 74
Agreement statistics
Cohen’s kappa (κ) 0.22a
Scott’s bias-adjusted kappa (BAK, π) 0.22a
Bennet’s prevalence- and bias-adjusted kappa (PABAK) 0.38a
  1. Data in cross-tables are counts
  2. aFair agreement