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Table 1 X-ray machine and CT scanner properties

From: A dual-modality quantification of scattered radiation from head to female breasts during radiological investigations in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria

Parameters CR CT
Model GE silhouette VR GE Brightspeed, 4 slice
Size Static/floor mounted Bulky/fixed
Manufactured 2003 2007
Installation 2012 2012
Tube current (mA), range 10–600 10–350
Tube potential (kVp), range 40–150 80, 100, 120, 140
Exposure time in CR (s) and gantry rotation time in CT (s), range 0.001–6.3 0.75–4
Minimum beam filter thickness 2.7 mmAl Not known
Collimation Available/perimeter Available/slice thickness
Gantry aperture diameter (cm) Not applicable 85
Detectors Detachable/PSP plates Inherent
Image viewing On-screen and film On-screen and film
Quality control Restorative maintenance Preventive maintenance