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Table 1 Extracardiac findings found in 32 pediatric patients with CHD

From: CT of cardiac and extracardiac vascular anomalies: embryological implications

Location Organ no. of findings Extracradiac findings No. of patients with extracardiac findings
Vascular (50 findings) Aorta and its branches (21 findings) Aortic coarctation 7
   Hypoplastic aortic arch 2
   Right-sided aortic arch 3
   Small aneurysmal dilatation between aortic arch and LSCV 1
   Common origin of brachiocephalic artery and Left CCA 2
   Left-sided aortic arch in situs inversus totalis 1
   Double aortic arch 1
   Mild ectasia of the aortic root 1
   Mildly dilated ascending aorta 1
  Coronary arteries Anomalous origin of RCA from pulmonary artery 1
   Dual LAD with prepulmonic course 1
  Pulmonary artery and its branches (6 findings) Dilated MPA or its main branches 1
   Hypoplastic MPA or its main branches 2
   Kink of origin of RPA 1
   Absent left pulmonary artery 1
   Stenotic origin of LPA 1
  Systemic venous drainage (8 findings) Persistent Left SVC 2
   Left-sided IVC with infra-hepatic interruption and azygous continuation 1
   Congested IVC and hepatic veins 3
   Lt SVC draining into dilated coronary sinus 1
   Persistent Rt SVC in case of situs inverses totalis 1
  Pulmonary venous drainage (4 findings) PAPVD 3
   Supernumerary left pulmonary veins 1
  PDA(6) PDA 6
  Collaterals (5) MAPCAs 5
Abdomen (12 findings) Liver (7 findings) Midline/left-sided liver 3
   Congested liver 3
   Hepatic focal lesions 1
  Spleen (3 findings) Polysplenia 1
   Right sided spleen 2
  Stomach (2 findings) Right/midline stomach 2
Thorax (14 findings) Lung (11 findings) Consolidation patches 10
   Basal interstitial lung changes 1
  Tracheobronchial tree (3 findings) Bilateral long hyparterial bronchi 1
   Mirror imaging branching of airway 2
  1. Twelve patients had more than one extracardiac finding