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Table 1 Results of primary staging in the studied 7 patients with primary malignant bone tumors

From: Diagnostic performance of PET/CT in primary malignant bone tumors

Type of tumor PET/CT findings TNM staging Group staging
Left rib chondrosarcoma Metabolically active left chest wall mass > 8 cm (SUVmax ~ 10.4) with pulmonary metastases and hilar LNs metastases (SUVmax ~ 12 and 7.2 respectively) T2 N1 M1 IVB
Right rib chondrosarcoma Metabolically active right 6th rib expansile lesion (SUVmax ~ 5.6) T1N0 M0 IA
Right distal humerus chondrosarcoma Metabolically active distal humerus mass > 8 cm (SUVmax ~ 12.2) with axillary LNs, mediastinal LNs and lung metastases (SUVmax ~ up to 4.9, 6.4, and 2.7 respectively) T2 N1 M1a IVB
Right iliac chondrosarcoma Metabolically active tumor confined to right iliac bone > 8 cm with extraosseous soft tissue component (SUVmax ~ 11.8) T2 N0 M0 IIB
Right mandible fibrosarcoma Metabolically active tumor confined to right mandible < 8 cm (SUVmax ~ 6.8) T1 N0 M0 IA
Right humerus Ewing sarcoma Metabolically active mottled osseous texture of right humeral head and neck > 8 cm (SUVmax ~ 7.3) with lung metastases (SUVmax ~ up to 3) T2N0M1a IVA
Left iliac chondrosarcoma Metabolically-active left iliac lesion > 8 cm (SUVmax ~ 8.3) with multiple lytic bone metastases and lung metastases (SUVmax ~ up to 12.4 and 6.8 respectively) T2N0M1b IVB