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Fig. 2

From: Brain magnetic resonance imaging surface-based analysis and cortical thickness measurement in relapsing remission multiple sclerosis

Fig. 2Fig. 2

A female patient aged 29 years old, known to have RRMS with EDSS score of 2.5. I. Cortex segmentation: raw T1WI axial plane (A), T1W image after brain extraction (B), gray and white matter segmentation (C) and cortex segmentation (D). II. Surface reconstruction: T1W image with pial surface (red line) and white matter surface (yellow line) (E) and surface reconstruction (F). III. Cortical thickness results in mm: The patient had significant decrease in cortical thickness of the precentral (1.9475 mm, 1.9151 mm), postcentral (1.5531 mm, 1.4447 mm), paracentral (1.8846 mm, 1.9118 mm) and posterior cingulate cortices (1.8251 mm, 2.1117 mm) in left and right side, respectively

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