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Table 1 Imaging parameters used for acquiring 3D T1W sequence

From: Brain magnetic resonance imaging surface-based analysis and cortical thickness measurement in relapsing remission multiple sclerosis

Imaging parameters 3D T1W SPGR
Plane Sagittal
Mode 3D
Pulse sequence SPGR
Prep. time 500 ms
Inversion time
TE Minimum full
TR 7.2 ms
FOV 256 × 256 mm
Phase FOV 1.0
Slice thickness 1.2 mm
Number of slices 160
Slice spacing Zero
Matrix 192 × 192
Flip angle 10°
Frequency 16 kHz
Freq DIR S/I
NEX 1.0
Shim Auto
Phased array uniformity enhancement (PURE) On
Surface coil intensity correction (SCIC) Off