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Table 2 Statistical analysis of students’ confidence level before and after the course (Phases I and II)

From: Effectiveness of virtual teaching of diagnostic and interventional imaging fundamentals to Egyptian medical students: an analytical cross-sectional study

Confidence level Weighted average before the session Weighted average after the session p value
I am familiar with best-use radiology practices 1.91 3.02 < 0.001
I am comfortable interpreting radiographs 1.84 2.94 < 0.001
I understand safety in radiology 2 3.12 < 0.001
I am able to identify gross abnormalities on imaging 2.17 3.16 < 0.001
I am familiar with how imaging is used as a diagnostic tool 2.28 3.26 < 0.001
I am familiar with the different imaging modalities and when to use them 2.12 3.23 < 0.001