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Fig. 2

From: 320 cardiac MDCT angiography in preoperative assessment of TOF and its variants: Does it worth it?

Fig. 2Fig. 2Fig. 2

12 days old girl with TOF/PA variant and MAPCA dependent pulmonary circulation (Type B) presented with cyanosis A MPR image showing MPA atresia with hypoplastic both pulmonary branches. B Oblique reformatted image showing ventricular septal defect (VSD), Overriding aorta and hypertrophied right ventricular wall. C, D MPR images showing hypoplastic pulmonary artery branches. E, F MPR sagittal and axial images showing sizeable MAPCA arising from the anterior wall of descending aorta to the lower lobe branch of LPA just distal to LPA bifurcation point. G Oblique reconstructed MIP image showing PFO and, RA and LA. H MPR coronal MIP image showing normal pulmonary venous drainage. I VR image of the pulmonary arterial tree showing MPA atresia and hypoplastic confluent pulmonary artery branches. J VR image (posterior view) showing sizeable MAPCA arising from descending aorta to the LPA lower lobe branch. K VR image (posterior view) showing prominent bronchial artery

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