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Table 2 The AO Spine thoracolumbar spine injury classification system. [4]

From: Accuracy of MRI (TLICS vs AOSIS) in assessment of thoracolumbar spine injuries for guiding treatment

Type A (compression fractures)
 A0 Minimal injuries such as transverse process fractures
 A1 Wedge compression
 A2 Pincer compression injury
 A3 Incomplete burst fracture: fracture that only involves a single endplate
 A4 Complete burst fracture: fracture that involves both endplates
Type B (band injuries)
 B1 Osseous disruption of the tension band
 B2 Posterior tension band injury including ligamentous
 B3 Anterior tension band injury
Type C (displacement or dislocation)
 N (neurological status)  
 N0 Neurologically intact
 N1 Transient neurological deficit
 N2 Radicular symptoms
 N3 Incomplete spinal cord injury or any degree of cauda equina
 N4 Complete spinal cord injury
 Nx Neurological status is unknown