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Table 1 Reporting checklist for mucormycosis

From: A pictorial review of imaging manifestations of rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis–emerging threat in COVID pandemic

1. Sino-nasal system Mucosal thickening with variable enhancement with sinus wall
  Black turbinate sign
  Osteomyelitis or frank destruction
  Hyperdense contents in sinus
  Peri antral fat obliteration
2. Face Signs of extensive cellulitis or collections in infratemporal fosse/pterygopalatine fosse, masticator space
3. Orbit Extraconal – subperiosteal abscess, soft tissue fat stranding
  Conal- myositis, muscle infarctions
  Intraconal- collections, cellulitis, psedotumor
  Optic nerve- perineuritis, neuritis, infarction
  Orbital apex and superior orbital fissure
  Guitar pick sign
4. Cavernous sinus Filling defect in the cavernous sinus
  Nerve enhancement
  ICA thrombosis
5. Intracranial Extraaxial: meninigits, extradural/subdural epyema
  Cerebral: Abscess, direct invasion, septic embolic infarcts, large territorial ischemic infarcts
  Hypertrophic pachymeningitis
  Skull base osteomyelitis